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– Successfully stopped the Airport Master Plan from using CONA streets as access to the new North side.
– CONA supplied complimentary lemonade to record 900 at Movie in the Park
– Installed Free Library at the Park
– CONA CERT now has 50 graduates

Our neighborhood had an organization as far back as 1958, but there was a long period of inactivity on the part of our neighbors in the 70’s. In 1982 the problems facing our neighborhood started to accumulate. The Mahara condominiums brought them to a critical point. It was this project that focused residents on forming a renewed neighborhood association that could deal with our problems. As you review the short highlights (included would be an annual garage sale, and park day), please note how the successes have changed your quality of life in our neighborhood.



  • Successfully stopped the Airport Master Plan from using CONA streets as access to the new North side.
  • CONA supplied complimentary lemonade to record 900 at Movie in the Park
  • Installed Free Library at the Park
  • CONA CERT now has 50 graduates


  • New playground and ADA upgrades for our Park, NIP funded and in design
  • CONA cooked 550 hotdogs & served 22 gallons of lemonade for Movie in the Park, over 800 hundred attended!
  • Measure P-resurfaced CONA & new handicap ramps on Airport Rd.
  • Stuart Closure completed by NIP-one year ahead of schedule!


  • Airport Rd reconstructed and resurfaced
  • $10,000 designated for CONA street trees
  • Implemented Neighborhood Video Partnership
  • CONA Shed solar backup for radio installed
  • Successful agreement to get Eddie’s demolished


  • NIP passed Stuart traffic study
  • FAA Airport success in restoring flight patterns
  • Success in moving GWR pump station
  • N. Fremont Adaptive Signal upgrade


  • $6.48 million dollar N. Fremont grant
  • $200,000 in NIP matching funds for N. Fremont
  • Park BBQ shade structure
  • ADA and sidewalk repair on Casanova
  • Melway storm drain relining
  • New CONA CERT shed roof approved by NIP


  • USACE Plume cleanup finished at $18 million
  • N. Fremont Plan finished with CONA input
  • 32 CONA CERT graduates – sign up now!
  • Solar radar speed signs installed on Casanova


  • NIP approves extra $42,000 towards designing Casanova/Euclid ADA ramps & crosswalks
  • CONA approved & purchased new CERT radios


  • Crosswalks approved for disabled on Casanova
  • Renovation for Park BBQ area approved
  • Neighborhood Watch cards delivered to members
  • Spring Cleanup was a success


  • $40K HUD grant for CONA spring cleanup
  • 1st in city to get hazardous waste pickup
  • $20K provided for home remodels
  • Program funds for CONA code enforcement


  • Replacement emergency water tank
  • N. Fremont streetscape adopted
  • CONA CERT team doubles in numbers
  • CONA Neighborhood revitalization program
  • New Bookmobile serving neighborhood
  • Handicap access installed at park play area


  • Sidewalk trip hazards repaired
  • New streetlight in front of Park Center
  • New Fairgrounds fence facing neighborhood
  • New traffic calming reduces speeds in CONA
  • North Fremont Street Streetscape Plan started


  • 825 Casanova condo conversion approved
  • Final driveway approaches approved
  • Two solar speed signs for Casanova approved
  • CONA entry signs installed
  • Record breaking CONA XMAS toy drive
  • City Council supports CONA Airport resolution


  • CONA appeal of new loading dock for Safeway results in mandatory quiet time
  • The day after appeal the earsplitting gas generator turkey trailer left hopefully for good
  • CONA Traffic Calming Phase V approved
  • NIP 20 driveway approaches Phase III
  • Successfully opposed return of motorcycle races at Fairgrounds
  • Obtained extra funds for entry signs


  • New Park Bench installed at Park Center
  • 3 New CONA entry signs approved
  • CONA Traffic Calming Phase IV
  • NIP 20 driveway approaches Phase II


  • Decking for the CONA pre-school play area NIP $5k
  • CONA traffic calming Phase III NIP $200k
  • CONA community center power window for 20′ high windows NIP $4k
  • CONA driveway access reconstruction 20 homes NIP $60,000 by future lottery
  • Airport Road speed enforcement solar powered signs NIP $30k
  • CONA lobbied for substantial changes to new commercial development


  • Cona NIP Traffic Calming Phases I & II $215k
  • New Playground Equipment NIP $8k
  • Bruce Lane Curb and Gutter NIP $43k
  • Chemical Cleanup accelerated 3 years


  • Melway/Casanova drainage NIP $52K
  • Casanova/Ralston crosswalk $25K
  • Stuart partial street closure $8K
  • N.Fremont signal coordination $30K


  • Restored $350K Health Risk Study
  • Additional $1.5M accelerates cleanup
  • $35K CONA Traffic Study
  • Melway drainage improvement
  • Opposed PUD development
  • $150K Airport Road drainage passed
  • $7.5K in additional street trees planted


  • Exposed Airport toxic plumes
  • New N. Fremont Plan adopted
  • N. Fremont Phase I drainage passed
  • 40 street trees planted
  • Storage added to Park Center
  • Upper BBQ area renovated


  • First 2 day neighborhood garage sale
  • Neighborhood 8 dumpster cleanup with NERT supervision
  • Largest NERT drill in city’s history
  • First CONA City Council town forum at our Park Center
  • 35 street trees planted
  • NERT emergency shed installed


  • Successfully raised funds for police night scope and new canine unit.
  • Activated NERT team 3 times during heavy rains in February.
  • Resident parking program for Melway Circle started.


  • Full time director at Park Center
  • NERT radio base station Park Center
  • 3 additional NERT radios A.T.&T.
  • New park lawn & irrigation (NIP)
  • NERT steel storage shed to be installed at our Park


  • N.E.R.T. graduated almost 50, #1
  • Playground fencing & flagpole
  • Purchased 3rd. emergency radio
  • Emergency Operations Center passed


  • N.E.R.T. graduated 25 team members
  • Purchased 2 Emergency radios
  • Obtained special FCC license
  • Picnic area renovation completed
  • CPR class
  • Acoustical tiles & carpet added to the Community Center


  • Emergency Preparedness Class
  • CPR Class
  • Parking Ordinance approved
  • Lilac sidewalks approved
  • Voting precinct moved to Center
  • Questionnaire compiled
  • Neighborhood 5 year plan completed
  • Water storage tank for Center
  • N. Fremont landscaping approved
  • Picnic area renovation approved
  • Spaghetti dinner fund-raiser for teen equipment at Center


  • Community Center opens!
  • Pre-school started at Center
  • Ivy street sidewalks approved
  • Airport sound insulation under way
  • 1993 Xmas Caroling Trolley Ride $1,237 for Herald’s Christmas Cheer


  • Fairgrounds stops motorcycle racing
  • Generator added to Park Center
  • Fairgrounds carnival gate landscaped with funds from C.O.N.A.


  • Airport implements noise abatement
  • Community Center planning started


  • Airport Road beautification project
  • Airport Road & Olmstead intersection approved & in design
  • NIP purchased property for a Community Center


  • Major remodeling of park, new playground equipment, barbecue area
  • Approval of sidewalks on Airport, Euclid, Fern and Bush Streets
  • Approve bike path on Mark Thomas
  • Successfully opposed Ramona 14,000 sq. ft. office building
  • Successfully petitioned Monterey Planning Commission to require more attractive design on Blockbuster
  • Successfully opposed live entertainment at Brick House


  • Sidewalk infill continued on Airport, Edinburgh, Littleness & Stuart
  • Cypress Bowl building torn down
  • Installed City of Monterey entry monument on N. Fremont.
  • N. Fremont Street name change
  • Caroling Trolley for Christmas


  • Stop sign installed at Bruce Lane
  • New retaining wall with landscaping at Fairgrounds & Airport Road
  • Dundee fill in sidewalks completed
  • Sidewalks installed on Lerwick
  • Ramona side street stop signs
  • Casanova finished in fill sidewalks and added a school bus stop area.
  • Ralston granite boulders oak island
  • Garden road walkway approved


  • Capital Improvement Program -$50,000 added a right turn lane off Casanova onto N. Fremont
  • Street sweeper is back!
  • Fairgrounds parking program
  • Sidewalks curbs & gutter on Ramona


  • CDBG funds for sidewalking one side of Airport Road. $50,000
  • Life membership to City Planner Butch Cope
  • New Bookmobile ordered for City
  • J.C.Penny Community Service Award
  • P.G. & E. Community Service Award


  • CPR class
  • Neighborhood mediation classes
  • 45 street trees planted
  • Neighborhood Watch-1st in Monterey to implement a full watch program & paid for our own signs.
  • Carved Park sign (by Leland Peterson)
  • Neighborhood Plan completed with highest survey results in City
  • Door viewers & smoke alarms specially installed for members.


  • Neighborhood Plan & Survey
  • Reopened Fairgrounds Road to Jazz Festival parking.
  • Park renovation & cleanup
  • $22,000 HUD grant