• Be Neighborly

    Be Neighborly

    Use a neighborhood watch card to get to know your neighbor and keep important contact information about them in case of emergencies. Wouldn’t you like to have someone looking out for your… Read more →

  • Bookmobile in the Neighborhood

    Bookmobile in the Neighborhood

    We have a unique service to our residents, the city bookmobile visits on Lerwick every two weeks on Thursdays 5:00pm to 5:45pm. Residents can access the library catalog and have… Read more →

Board of Directors

President: Richard Ruccello Vice-President: Gary Carlsen Secretary: Tuppence Cabot Treasurer: Darla Gustaitis Webmaster: Louis Algaze Board Members: Joe Cingari Paul Winfield Michael Brassfield NIP Representatives: Richard Ruccello Gary Carlsen-alternate Mike Brassfield-alternate Airport Representative: Kim Sretich-Will


ARTICLE I – MEMBERSHIP Section 1 The members of the Casanova Oak knoll Neighborhood Association (C.O.N.A.) shall consist of those persons either owning property or residing within the boundries of the Area of Primary Interest as described in Article II. Membership is open to both homeowners and renters of the area. A member in good standing shall be defined as… Read more →


Our neighborhood had an organization as far back as 1958, but there was a long period of inactivity on the part of our neighbors in the 70’s. In 1982 the problems facing our neighborhood started to accumulate. The Mahara condominiums brought them to a critical point. It was this project that focused residents on forming a renewed neighborhood association that… Read more →

Aerial photograph of Casanova Oak Knoll Neighborhood Circa 1946


The Casanova-Oak Knoll neighborhood, basically two distinct neighborhoods made up of Casanova and Oak Knoll, was annexed to the City of Monterey in February of 1949. Prior to annexation, it was a rural mix of farms, ranches, and small subdivisions. Until the late 30’s and into the 40’s, it was mainly oak-studded open space. The first actual recorded subdivision covered… Read more →

Monterey Peninsula Airport

Monterey Peninsula Airport next to CONA has many planes taking off an landing throughout the day. Check out their Web Site for more information.

Fleet Numerical

Fleet Numerical (FNMOC) is a military base in the neighborhood which collects weather data and distributes it around the country for weatherpeople to use in their reports.

Monterey Fairgrounds

The Monterey Fairgrounds has many activities throughout the year. To find out what events are coming up and to contact them, go to their web site.